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The part and assembly files located on this site are Pro-Engineer version 2000i and 2000i2 CAD solids models of actual components used in the construction of combat robots at and are provided as an aid to other robot designers. To the best of my ability and understanding, using either parts-in-hand or reffering to vendor drawings, I have created these models as accurately as I felt necessary to be able to insure the form, fit and function of their intended purpose. These models, are in no way, warranted nor endorsed by the respective manufacturers, suppliers, resalers, and to be 100% accurate representations actual components. Furthermore, the parts represented by these models, may not be originally intended for robotic applications and the robot designer must take all responsibility in determining the suitablity of using these parts in their designs. Generally, parts used in combat situations will void any manufacturer's warranties, expressed or implied. Mike Konshak, aka, does not endorse or advise the use of any particular products represented by these models and will not be held responsible for the incompatibility of parts shown in the assembly models.


You can use these part and assembly models freely for your own designs, but you are not allowed to distribute the files outside your own computer or present them for downloading from another web site. Please refer other interested robot builders to this site for downloading. These files are original works which are copyrighted © 2001-2002 and contain Intellectual Property covered under U.S. and foreign copyright laws.

By downloading any of these files you are agreeing to the above conditions.


Select the catagory on left, then click on the thumbnails to see a screen dump of the solids model. If it looks like something you can use, right click over the file name to SAVE TARGET and place in your directory. If you have a part not listed in my library, use one of the parts that are close in design features and just change the dimensions to match your part. When you download a Pro-E assembly, the parts will not go with it. When you try and open the assembly file through Pro-E, it will give you a list of part files not found. You can SUPPRESS those parts, download the appropriate part files from my library, and then RESUME ALL.

Copyright © 2001-2002; Mike Konshak. All Rights Reserved.
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