Mid US Robotics Club
Rocky MOuntain Robot Showdown

Jan 18, 2003
Denver, CO, USA

This is a special event for us at the Robotdojo as it was in our neighborhood and was hosted by those of us that live in Colorado. Derek Zahn was the unofficial ramrod of the event and Ted Zeiger, Pete Covert, and I had local responsibilities, but every member of MURC helped out in many ways by bringing monitors and support equipment. Even Tony Hall brought out equipment from as far as the east coast. Everyone that was at the hotel Friday night did their part to help haul gear and build the arena in the hotel.

Team Robotdojo's focus at this event was to help out and have fun and to introduce new participants to the sport. We had Chris Jarmon entered in the 12 pound and antweight classes, Will Evans and Nikolaus Schug entered in the antweight class. I had a 12 pound entry and Rich Bradfield was the co-driver on a multi-bot beetleweight. The kids parents all showed up. Jeff McLay and his brothers Robert and Trevor filled up some more antweight classes as their own 'Wedgebotics' team this time. I was so very proud of everyone, as they all worked hard to get here and collectively spent much time practicing at the dojo. 

The kids faired much better than I did as my bots kept getting stuck in the gap between the floor and the arena sides. As this trend continued through the day, many bots that should have won lost and many that lost should have won, but without rules established at the beginning to halt matches to free them up, it was not practical to make a rule change. Many competitors compensated by freeing up their stuck opponents, which made for more interesting watching, and the judges were wise to take these sportsmanship efforts into their judging decisions. This was actually a very tightly run event and was very orderly. Matt Fillmore's software worked great throughout the event.


Robotdojo and Star Precision provided the trophies and half the participants walked away with a custom designed trophy by Mike Konshak. Unfortunately, I had to relinquish the rights of ownership of the trophies to all the other gallant competitors who were much more deserving. The gang that hangs around at the dojo brought home 7 trophies. They made me very proud.


Final results/standings

Trophy Winners:

12 lb class:

1: Solaris (Cosmos)
2: Io (Cosmos)
3: Quadra (Robot Dojo)
4: Pushy Bots Still Rule (Fatcats)
5: It Doesn't Matter (DT Robotics)
5: Anaphoric Antagonist (Radicus)
7: Eye of the Tiger (Rathbun Robotics)
7: Tapdancer (SlamDancer)

3 lb class:

1: Little Bite of Death (Bourn Again Creations)
2: Hit and Run (Rathbun Robotics)
3: Warthog (BaneBots)
4: Sibling Rivalry (Robot Dojo)
5: Mildly Infectious (Flap Jack)
5: Deadly Green Munchkin (Berlinbots)
7: Jaws of Doom (Wedgebotics)
7: Hip and Hind (BaneBots)

1 lb class:

1: Angry Dustpan (Fatcats)
2: Captain Underpants (Wedgebotics)
3: Spinarooni (Thin Ice Robotics)
4: Wedginator (Wedgebotics)
5: Holy Moly (Robot Dojo)
5: Jack the Donkey (Berlinbots)
7: Jimmy Crack Corn (Fatcats)
7: Joe Brown (Wedgebotics)

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