Biography of Flexy-Flyer

In the beginning were humans. Though made in the image of their Creator, they fought each other in wars and they suffered mightly. The Creator gave them knowledge and the ability to create and they made machines. In time the machines gained knowledge and made more machines. Now the machines decided to protect humans from getting hurt by fighting for them. The wars became known as... 'Robotica'!


Now the wars became more difficult with oppressive obstacles, and there were no heros that could challenge the Gaunlet and find their way through the Labyrinth, which was defended by evil mechanical beings of species rodentia. Nay, There was none of merit that could penetrate the Gateway and climb the dissapearing ramp to the platform of spike and fire and defend all that was good and noble.


There was however, in the land of Stepford, an engineer extroidinair of all things mechanical and mobile named Mikal Botmeister, who lived with his beautiful wife, Bekee Bothart, of the Stepford Botharts. Bekee was always willing to please her husband, but town folks never spoke of her glazed yet serine look about her as she assisted in Mikal's endeavors.


Mikal heard the call of the great fight 'Robotica' and built a bastion of robotic martial arts (after ousting Bekee's steed, the Grand Cher'kee, from the premises for space). Armed with only a roll of duct tape and antique typewriters, created a formidable power in the form of a quad radial articulating rectilinear behemouth. He called it Flexy-flyer, ...and it was GOOD.


In time, Flexy-flyer was able learn more than just 'play dead' and 'stay' and advanced to 'go' and 'come'. Though limited by his umbilical called 'radio', flexy-flyer soon learned to manuever over difficult terrain and to climb over annoying little conveyances in the adjoining town of Suburu-ville. With his powerful arm he would smite all that confronted him in mock jousts and training exercises. Bekee also saw that Flexy-flyer was GOOD and exclaimed 'Oh, Mikal, you're so wonderful, you can do anything!"


Prepared and prepped with shiny new armour adorned in the freedom colors of blood, purity, and sky, the GOOD Flexy-flyer, along with his creator, Mikal, and the Bot-Mom Bekee, together mounted their gallant steed, dubbed GMC for 'Great Machines Conquer'.  By following the setting sun over the great mountains and endless desert, they traveled tirelessly off to LaLa land where it was said that the battlefield was being cojoined by other potential and aspiring heros, in the tenth moon of the 1st millenial year.


The final tale has not yet been written, but we may know in time, through the spirit of TLC, of the daring expoits of the challengers, and, as in all stories of legend, the GOOD guy wins.


Mike Konshak