Flexy-Flyer Robotica Series 2 Champion and Trophy

Flexy-Flyer tosses Competitor in the Fight-to-the-Finish

Download a 1 minute video of Flexy competing at Robotica.
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(used by permission from TLC, The Learning Channel)

This has become my most famous bot. My second event and we pull off a Championship. Flexy-Flyer is a Robotica/Robot Wars/Battlebots legal heavy weight, at 209.5 lbs, and is designed specifically for Robotica (What a cool course). Flexy-Flyer is a fine off-road robot and it can negotiate irregular surfaces. At Robotica Series 2 it had a tendency to want to climb out of the arena. It has an articulated chassis and a top speed of 10 MPH with a lifting arm powered by a 1000lb force linear actuator. Flexy, as it has come to be known, has three configurations, depending on the course established by Robotica.

Biography of a Flexy-Flyer

by Mike Konshak

(Written BEFORE going to Robotica)

Flexy-Flyer playing with friends

Mpeg of Flexy pulling a P/U truck (359KB)

Building Flexy-Flyer