Due to popular request I have restored this archived site as there are so many links to robotdojo.com. Unfortunately the URL was allowed to lapse and somone grabbed it for resale. There are probably a lot of broken links, but as I find them I will fix them.

Robotdojo's Sensei Logo
designed by Tayun (Lee) Liu.

Where Are All the Others?
All of the bots I built at the dojo
have been sold or donated.

Mike and Becky Konshak
Photo by Paul Aiken, Boulder Daily Camera

Donated to the
University of Colorado

Flexy has gone off to school to get smart
and is now a permanent platform for
autonomous experiments by CU students
in Boulder. Kumite (Battlesbots Pro-Am),
has also joined Flexy in CU's school of
Computer Science.

Update! Flexy-Flyer is now at
the University of Michigan, and is an
invaluable resource for their programs.

Welcome to our Dojo for robotic combat fighting. We are a team that builds and trains with non-autonomous radio controlled robots, or simply called, bots, in order to compete on TV shows such as Battlebots, Robotica and Robot Wars Extreme Warriors.

As a service to my fellow and aspiring 'bot builders, I am happy to provide engineering aids to help the robot designer construct CAD models of their ideas using Parametric Technologies (PTC) Pro-Engineer Solids Modeling Software. All robots at the Robot Dojo were designed using Pro-E version 2000iand 2000i2. As we develop our own designs we will add the components that we use, and others suitable for robots, and where to buy them, to our solids models and drawings Pro-E Library .

We're in a History Book!

The Turbulent Rise
of Robotic Sports.
Robotdojo and Star Precision
sponsor MURC's Rocky Mountain
Robot Showdown's Trophies

Team Robotdojo and Team
Wedgebotics take home 7 trophies!
Critter Crunch
2 and 20 lb Critter Runner-Up

Me-Me-Me with Plane-Jane
and Holy-Moly, Tandem,
Blizzard and Tinbender,
all helped win trophies
MechWars 5
Middleweight Champion

Full Frontal Fullcrum
FFF and Kumite Trophies
on the Bot-Mobile
BotBash 2002
120lb MERC Champion

Full Frontal Fullcrum
Tim, Dan and Mike
Nickelodeon Robot Wars
Ultimate Mayhem Champion

team and producer.
MechWars 4
HW Champion

Kumite, Mike
Becky and Tony
Robotdojo (Red Team)
TNN Robot Wars Extreme
Warriors Episode 5 and 9

Becky, Mike, Jacob
and Propeller-Head
Grand Champion Finalist
Robotdojo (Blue Team)
TNN Robot Wars Extreme
Warriors Episode 6

Michael G., Eric, Norm
and Diskotek
Battlebots IQ

Jeff McLay and
Wee Willy Wedgy
Robotica Series 2

and Trophy
NEW! Build Your Own
1/10 scale Paper models
of RobotDojo bots!

by Ron Caudillo

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